District Cooling System


  • To provide Uninterrupted, Energy efficient and Sustainable District cooling air conditioning system to occupant of GIFT city.

District cooling system

  • District cooling system is an Energy Efficient and Sustainable air conditioning system as it conserves up to 30% energy as compared to traditional air conditioning systems.

Highlights of District cooling system

  • Total Planned District Cooling Capacity: 1,80,000 TR

  • First Phase District Cooling System is operational since March 2015

  • State of the art technology, Series Counter Flow Chillers with Thermal Storage Tank

  • Chilled water distribution piping network through underground Utility Tunnel

  • Energy metering and Control through SCADA

Salient features of District cooling system

  • Energy conservation up to 30%

  • Reduce Global Warming Potential (GWP)

  • Reduce CO¬2 Emission

  • Reduce Heat Island effect

  • Lower Operation & Maintenance cost

  • Improve Aesthetic of the Buildings